Looking for Drum Samples?

From the huge range of "sound kits" on the market, it's difficult to know which ones to choose from.

Alternative ways to get drum samples would be from CD's or vinyl or you could download them from the internet. Whilst drum samples may be readily available for downloading bear in mind you will lose out on the quality of the sample.

Samples that are downloadable have often already been "ripped" before being compressed into MP3 format both of which reduce the quality of the file and the sample you end up with.

Once you've got your sound file you need to create the sample you want by "chopping" the file using an audio editing tool such as Sound Forge or Adobe Audacity. This "chopping" of the sections takes time but is necessary in order to create a "sample" you are happy with.

If you don't have a lot of time you could invest in a tool that automatically "chops" the sections for you such as Propellerhead Recycle. It automates the process by tracking the natural starting and end points of each sound. But again the samples don't always sound natural and will require you to go in and do some tweaking to create a natural sounding "sample".

The best solution is to invest in a pre-packaged "sound-kit". All the hard work is done, the samples have been sourced, edited and tweaked to perefection and ready to use. What's more sound-kits are available for any sound you could possibly need for your "samples".



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